Fresh New Terror Attacks Rock Pakistan

By Rajeev Saxena

Simultaneous Terror Strikes Bring Pakistan To A Standstill.
Simultaneous Terror Strikes Bring Pakistan To A Standstill.

In an unprecedented series of terror strikes that have spanned almost two weeks, Pakistan today woke up to yet another devastating blow to the security apparatus of the now terror torn country. Peshawar, that is one of the major cities of Pakistan, today witnessed twin suicide bomb blasts at a highly secured police facility. The attack was carried out by three suicide bombers and claimed the lives of 11 people. Today’s attack was the latest in a string of violent and relentless terror campaign carried on by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Punjab outfit.

So far, the two weeks terror campaigns have already killed more than 150 people and left numerous injured. Security experts believe that the current violence is a pressurization tool being exercised by the terrorists to deter Pakistan from launching an all out military offensive against the militants in the South Waziristan region, along the Afghanistan border.

The attack began in the morning targeting a police station and a living quarters that house army soldiers. The three suicide bombers first detonated a car bomb at the gate of the police facility and a female suicide bomber rushed towards the army housing area. The woman was shot dead, but not before she exploded her charges. However, the bomb detonated by the female bomber did not cause much harm. The car bomb on the other hand, had a very high intensity blast radius, that destroyed a part of the police station and a mosque right next to it.

According to Liaquat Ali Khan (Police Chief, Peshawar),


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