The 2009 TIME TOP 10 Leaders & Revolutionaries

1.   Edward Kennedyted_kennedy

: the Lion of the Senate, a liberal icon, a warrior for the less fortunate, a fierce advocate for health-care reform, a champion of social justice here and abroad and now even a Knight of the British Empire.

2.   Gordon Brown


: the longest-serving Chancellors of the Exchequer that Britain has ever seen, brought in and continually drove up the minimum wage, and 600,000 children and a million pensioners were raised out of poverty.

3.   Christine Lagarde


: the first female Finance Minister of a G-8 nation, in France she has tirelessly pursued intelligent reforms of the economy with a no-nonsense approach ; and with her counterparts in the G-20, she has forcefully advocated for greater adherence to international standards, ensuring a race to the top rather than the bottom.

4.   Thomas Dart


: announced he would not carry out any more evictions tied to the large number of foreclosures in Cook County, was a bold move since the sheriff’s duties specifically include the obligation to enforce writs of eviction ; amazingly it worked out.

5.   Avigdor Lieberman


: the Foreign Minister, who heads the right-wing Yisrael Beitenu (Israel Is Our Home) party, the main partner of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud in the new coalition government ,had put on great efforts for peace restoration.

6.   Joaquín Guzmán


: Mexican druglord Joaquín Guzmán, 52, is the new Pablo Escobar, a kingpin testing the ability of a nascent democracy to control organized crime.

7.   Nouri al-Maliki


:  the first Iraqi Prime Minister to hold office under the new constitution ; spent most of his prior life as an Islamic Dawa Party activist working for Saddam’s overthrow.

8.   Hillary Clinton


: first Lady, U.S. Senator, author and the most successful female presidential candidate in American history, yet her incredible journey continues ; as Secretary of State, she must summon all her skills as a communicator while administering a large bureaucracy in a turbulent era on a global stage.

9.   Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono


: has managed to keep the nation afloat, even during the current global recession, the country’s transition from authoritarianism has proved that as a democracy, Indonesia can be culturally vibrant and economically prosperous.

10.                     Boris Johnson


: is impossible to dislike, touches all political and sectarian bases and, in his complete lack of self-importance, is the anti-politician ; never pompous, always good-humored, only serious in the face of matters that could not tastefully be treated otherwise, a crusader for London and the personification of the most well-liked traits of the English, Boris is someone the British will .


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