A One-Sided Love – When You Love Someone That Can’t or Won’t Love You Back

This is what the urban dictionary has to say:
one-sided love:
This type of love does not seem to be mutual, and most people in a “loving couple” tend to discriminate against this, saying it is not a type of love at all. One-sided love commonly occurs when a relationship or marriage breaks, and one person moves on, while their spouse constantly thinks of them and attempts to win them back, often in vain.

Now a question arises:
Does one sided love ever work?
Lets see what WikiAnswers says:
Not all the time, since you cannot make someone love you. If they cannot love you then they can’t. Sometimes it does work, but you have to be very very patient and only if that person is WORTH it and if they are not you should move on.

* One-sided love is not fair to either person. Also, relationships are hard enough to keep even when both people are actively in love with one another. You cannot make it happen on your own. Best to throw this fish back into the sea and look for love elsewhere.

* No one can have a happy existence and grow from happiness if they are in love with someone, but are not loved back. It causes arguments, suspicion, generally cheating on the partner and a great deal of stress.

* The pain of this horrendous situation “One sided Love” unless you are a victim of it. I know it is very difficult situation to be in and I wish no one falls in this kind of situation because the result is surely going to be very, very painful and one might end up running his/her life, but still I think if in any case you have been in this kind of situation what you need to do is to try to find happiness in the happiness of your mate……and please don’t wait for him/her to come back into your life because it’s true that you can’t make anybody love you forcefully; just believe in your destiny and maybe something very sweet is waiting for you in your life.

* Here’s what you can try to make “One sided Love”. Have you ever been told “I don’t love you the way you love me.” That is just an easy out. You need to remember there had to be love to keep a relationship going. 99 percent of the time just taking a break from each other for a while. Will rekindle the feelings each of you have had for each other. Not to mention it will make the relationship stronger in the end. This method will reduce stress, and anxiety in each of you. You may also try to go to couple counseling to resolve these issue’s A third party that doesn’t know each of you will not take side’s. There is always hope in these kind of relationships.


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