BHUTAN “Land of the Thunder Dragon”:with only thunders and dragons and no human rights

As i simply love networking +talking with people from other countries about cultures, traditions,human rights and so on ,i now have many international friend on FACEBOOK.Yesterday or a day before i had added a guy from Bhutan:Rakish.Today after he confirmed me as his friend we went on for a brief CHAT.OH! MY GOD I WAS SHOCKED…THE BOY WAS OF NEPALI ORIGIN-SO DESPITE BEING  SELECTED FOR STUDYING ENGINEERING ABROAD-COULDN’T MAKE IT AS HE WAS DENIED CITIZENSHIP.Below are the statements that were exchanged:


12:13pm Shravan


12:13pm Rakish

may i know



12:14pm Shravan

what do u want to know sir?

12:14pm Rakish

hey no sir adn those stuffs………..m not sir

wer r u from?

12:15pm Shravan

frm nepal

12:15pm Rakish


wat do u do there

:/ ?

12:16pm Shravan

‘m an engineering student

12:17pm Rakish


12:18pm Rakish

how lyf down there

12:19pm Shravan

very well and wat abt ur place

12:20pm Rakish

we nepali r sucking here……coz u know of the refugee lol

12:20pm Shravan


12:21pm Rakish


12:21pm Shravan

but u r a CEO no?(In his profile i had glanced that he worked for a software or related stuff..)

12:21pm Rakish

i think exams over

not ceo……………….jst a programmer

12:22pm Shravan



12:22pm Rakish

we didnt get our citizenship id till now …………actually m selected to go for engineering after cl 12

12:23pm Shravan

so are u stateless?

12:24pm Rakish


12:24pm Shravan

i mean if u dont have a citizenship then aren’t u stateless?

12:26pm Rakish

nah!…………….m born here….its only that ….bcoz of the refugee in your country ……….its affectin us …………………………

gtg fren

nice meetin u

bhutan sucks




ok keep in touch

12:28pm Rakish


( original names have been withdrawn for privacy+security)


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