Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho!

“Jaso bhana je gara jatasukai laijau malai yo mann ta mero Nepali ho!” is rightly sung by the 1974 ADs.It is like a mantra to all Nepalis scattered worldwide.Today I had an Online Interaction with Mr Yam Shrestha of India.We had an interesting talk about the Nepalis in India which is presented below:




Hi, just went through your blog.

11:41am Shravan:

Any comments???


Well, need some time to go through it and only then I can pass some comments.

11:43am Shravan:

Good! by the way what do you do there in Delhi?


I have my own company here.

11:43am Shravan:




11:44am Shravan:

Your hometown??


Assam in India.

11:45am Shravan:

Oh! i want a lot of information from you then, are you ready to help?


Well, I will to the extent I know.

11:46am Shravan:

Please tell me about the status of Nepalis there.


It’s pretty good now. We have three MLAs now and one of them is the Speaker of the assembly, next only to the Chief Minister. Recently, the Gorkha Development Council has been formed by the governmentt.

11:47am Shravan:

Great,could you name the speaker ?Is he Mr Subba (Mani Kumar Subba)


His name is Tanka Bahadur Rai.


Nope, Mr subba used to be MP. His younger brother Sancharaj Subba is an MLA.

11:49am Shravan:



We used to have at least one MLA from each of  the North East (NE) states, but some of those seats have been declared tribal seats and now Gorkhas can’t stand for that. Hopefully, after all the Gorkhas are declared tribals, then we will have many MLAs.

Shimla in Himachal Pradesh (North India) may be reserved for the Gorkhas in future, the Gorkhas are fighting for that.

11:51am Shravan:

Ya! all Nepalese globally need to have solidarity.


Gorkha Democratic Front in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) has some 15 or 16 councillors.


That’s a wishful thinking, hami eka arkako khutta tannu ma nai byasta chou.

11:51am Shravan:

What about Nepali language???

Right but we can change no?


Language- we all speak nepali at home. You must be knowing that Nepali is one of the recognised languages in India. Nepali is taught in post graduation level in Assam, North Bengal. The Gorkhas of Dehradun and Shimla speak a very different language, all mixed up with hindi.

11:53am Shravan:

What about  Nepali language in schools ?

The talks yesterday were not fruitful no? (the tripartite talk among Gorkhaland agitators, West Bengal and the centre)


Yes, the talks were not fruitful, but Gorkhaland is the only solution and whether they like it or not, they have to give Gorkhaland.

Schools- it is taught, but there are no good Gokhali teachers, so students hardly take up the subject.

11:55am Shravan:

Could u tell the figure of Nepalis in NE?


Govt of India 2001 Census report:

ASSAM – 22,67,431,

MEGHALAYA – 1,16209






11:58am Shravan:

Many Nepalis from the NE ,unable to resist the ethnic cleansing had to take refuge in Nepal before.


I know many of them , but now the things have settled down. The problem we faced was because of the many labour class people coming from Nepal for the living.

12:00pm Shravan:

What about Nepali in media? (television, radio…)


That’s only in North Bengal and in Assam, NE TV carries news in Nepali.

12:06pm Shravan:

Thanks for giving me your time.

Keep helping!


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4 thoughts on “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho!

  1. waw…….u are really a great blogger….!! keep it up da..!!

  2. yo maan ta mero nepali ho..!! I simply love 1974 AD…

  3. thanks Binnu BtW i was also glad to read your blog

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