Pluralism, literally is a theory that there is more than one basic substance or principle. It refers to the condition of being multiple or plural. It is a condition in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups are present and tolerated within a society.
It is a truism to say that the person of Jesus, what he did and said—and what was done to him and said about him—is at the center of what Christians bring to the mission field, whether it is in St. Louis or in Singapore, in Chicago or in Calcutta. When Christians do that, the question inevitably arises in some form or other from the receiver: “Why Jesus?
What do you witnesses for your Lord offer with this Jesus that is not already present in our current state of affairs without Jesus?”
The most succinct answer to that question—already from the New Testament times—was the one Greek word euaggelion. Rendered in English that is Good News. These two four-lettered English words are at the core of the answer to “Why Jesus?” With Jesus comes something Good and something New.
Exclusivism says: Jesus is the only savior. No other savior, no other religion, saves at all. There is only one way to the top of the mountain of salvation.
Inclusivism says: Jesus is the salvation in all its fullness; the salvation offered in other religions is not contrary but included in what Jesus brings. All the roads up the mountain are in some basic sense Jesus-ways. The way that calls him by name illuminates best what the other ways are all about.
Pluralism says: Jesus is one way up the mountain; there are many other ways going up there, and they get you to the top, too.

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Chief Army Staff of Nepal visits Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009

There were no special programmes at Prasanthi Nilayam over the last week. The political disturbances in the rest of the state have not significantly impacted the Ashram and its immediate vicinity, though the travel plans of many were affected by the cancellation of bus services in Andhra Pradesh. Bhagavan has been coming before the evening bhajans commence on many days, and went for a drive a couple of days ago in the forenoon.

Last evening, He had come for darshan before half-past four, and had blessed the ladies’ side with a second darshan round before five o’clock. Functionaries from the defence services of Sri Lanka and India had visited Prasanthi Nilayam over the last few days, and today the Chief of the Army Staff of Nepal had an audience with Bhagavan. Swami blessed many of the members of his group with vibhuti and also asked for distribution of a booklet and prasadam before He accepted Arati. After Arati, He blessed some of the birthday boys from among the students and returned to His residence at a quarter-past six.


Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho!

“Jaso bhana je gara jatasukai laijau malai yo mann ta mero Nepali ho!” is rightly sung by the 1974 ADs.It is like a mantra to all Nepalis scattered worldwide.Today I had an Online Interaction with Mr Yam Shrestha of India.We had an interesting talk about the Nepalis in India which is presented below:




Hi, just went through your blog.

11:41am Shravan:

Any comments???


Well, need some time to go through it and only then I can pass some comments.

11:43am Shravan:

Good! by the way what do you do there in Delhi?


I have my own company here.

11:43am Shravan:




11:44am Shravan:

Your hometown??


Assam in India.

11:45am Shravan:

Oh! i want a lot of information from you then, are you ready to help?


Well, I will to the extent I know.

11:46am Shravan:

Please tell me about the status of Nepalis there.


It’s pretty good now. We have three MLAs now and one of them is the Speaker of the assembly, next only to the Chief Minister. Recently, the Gorkha Development Council has been formed by the governmentt.

11:47am Shravan:

Great,could you name the speaker ?Is he Mr Subba (Mani Kumar Subba)


His name is Tanka Bahadur Rai.


Nope, Mr subba used to be MP. His younger brother Sancharaj Subba is an MLA.

11:49am Shravan:



We used to have at least one MLA from each of  the North East (NE) states, but some of those seats have been declared tribal seats and now Gorkhas can’t stand for that. Hopefully, after all the Gorkhas are declared tribals, then we will have many MLAs.

Shimla in Himachal Pradesh (North India) may be reserved for the Gorkhas in future, the Gorkhas are fighting for that.

11:51am Shravan:

Ya! all Nepalese globally need to have solidarity.


Gorkha Democratic Front in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) has some 15 or 16 councillors.


That’s a wishful thinking, hami eka arkako khutta tannu ma nai byasta chou.

11:51am Shravan:

What about Nepali language???

Right but we can change no?


Language- we all speak nepali at home. You must be knowing that Nepali is one of the recognised languages in India. Nepali is taught in post graduation level in Assam, North Bengal. The Gorkhas of Dehradun and Shimla speak a very different language, all mixed up with hindi.

11:53am Shravan:

What about  Nepali language in schools ?

The talks yesterday were not fruitful no? (the tripartite talk among Gorkhaland agitators, West Bengal and the centre)


Yes, the talks were not fruitful, but Gorkhaland is the only solution and whether they like it or not, they have to give Gorkhaland.

Schools- it is taught, but there are no good Gokhali teachers, so students hardly take up the subject.

11:55am Shravan:

Could u tell the figure of Nepalis in NE?


Govt of India 2001 Census report:

ASSAM – 22,67,431,

MEGHALAYA – 1,16209






11:58am Shravan:

Many Nepalis from the NE ,unable to resist the ethnic cleansing had to take refuge in Nepal before.


I know many of them , but now the things have settled down. The problem we faced was because of the many labour class people coming from Nepal for the living.

12:00pm Shravan:

What about Nepali in media? (television, radio…)


That’s only in North Bengal and in Assam, NE TV carries news in Nepali.

12:06pm Shravan:

Thanks for giving me your time.

Keep helping!


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BHUTAN “Land of the Thunder Dragon”:with only thunders and dragons and no human rights

As i simply love networking +talking with people from other countries about cultures, traditions,human rights and so on ,i now have many international friend on FACEBOOK.Yesterday or a day before i had added a guy from Bhutan:Rakish.Today after he confirmed me as his friend we went on for a brief CHAT.OH! MY GOD I WAS SHOCKED…THE BOY WAS OF NEPALI ORIGIN-SO DESPITE BEING  SELECTED FOR STUDYING ENGINEERING ABROAD-COULDN’T MAKE IT AS HE WAS DENIED CITIZENSHIP.Below are the statements that were exchanged:


12:13pm Shravan


12:13pm Rakish

may i know



12:14pm Shravan

what do u want to know sir?

12:14pm Rakish

hey no sir adn those stuffs………..m not sir

wer r u from?

12:15pm Shravan

frm nepal

12:15pm Rakish


wat do u do there

:/ ?

12:16pm Shravan

‘m an engineering student

12:17pm Rakish


12:18pm Rakish

how lyf down there

12:19pm Shravan

very well and wat abt ur place

12:20pm Rakish

we nepali r sucking here……coz u know of the refugee lol

12:20pm Shravan


12:21pm Rakish


12:21pm Shravan

but u r a CEO no?(In his profile i had glanced that he worked for a software or related stuff..)

12:21pm Rakish

i think exams over

not ceo……………….jst a programmer

12:22pm Shravan



12:22pm Rakish

we didnt get our citizenship id till now …………actually m selected to go for engineering after cl 12

12:23pm Shravan

so are u stateless?

12:24pm Rakish


12:24pm Shravan

i mean if u dont have a citizenship then aren’t u stateless?

12:26pm Rakish

nah!…………….m born here….its only that ….bcoz of the refugee in your country ……….its affectin us …………………………

gtg fren

nice meetin u

bhutan sucks




ok keep in touch

12:28pm Rakish


( original names have been withdrawn for privacy+security)

2009 Social Networking Websites Review Comparisons

1 |
722,434,829 – Inbound Links | 122,220,617 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 93,300,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 4 – Alexa Ranking.

2 | MySpace
345,130,806 – Inbound Links | 55,599,585 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 61,300,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 11 – Alexa Ranking.

3 | twitter
628,750,806 – Inbound Links | 23,579,044 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 28,000,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 13 – Alexa Ranking.

4 |
29,370,378 – Inbound Links | 11,228,746 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 11,800,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 113 – Alexa Ranking.

5 |
997,666 – Inbound Links | 14,649,224 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 9,600,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 544 – Alexa Ranking.

6 |
13,032,000 – Inbound Links | 5,881,943 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 6,800,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 108 – Alexa Ranking.

7 |
14,368,423 – Inbound Links | 3,120,062 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 5,400,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 138 – Alexa Ranking.

8 |
8,491,287 – Inbound Links | 2,176,014 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 4,100,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 20 – Alexa Ranking.

9 |
399,111 – Inbound Links | 3,731,972 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 5,100,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 74 – Alexa Ranking.

10 |
921,983 – Inbound Links | 3,025,772 – Compete Monthly Visitors | 3,800,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 483 – Alexa Ranking.


Facebook’s Secret Code


Probably not a big shocker that the minds behind Facebook are a little dweeby. Proof positive? They’ve incorporated an old video-game code into the site.

The Konami code, named after the Japanese company behind classics like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and the Nintendo Contra classics, is one of video-gaming’s most storied cheats. During development of the 1985 Konami arcade game Gradius, a programmer found the game to be too difficult and programmed in a key sequence — up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A — that, if entered, gave the player a set of the game’s power-ups. As word of the shortcut spread, other programmers aped his cheat, working the same sequence into their own games. The Konami code works in nearly 100 video games developed since — everything from Frogger to Dance Dance Revolution.

And now it works for Facebook, too. Try it for yourself — log in to Facebook and type the code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter. It doesn’t matter where you type it: just have the Facebook page open and active. The result? Lens flares — those groovy circles that appear when pointing a camera into the sun — appear on your page with every click of the mouse. Useful? Not in the slightest. But they’re easy enough to get rid of — logout and they’re gone.

Facebook isn’t the only site that makes use of the Konami code. There’s even a dedicated website —Konami Code Sites— chronicling what the code does on sites around the Web. (Naturally, you have to type the code to access the site.) Some other big names make the list: on the social news site Digg it expands all the comments in a given thread, and on, it lets you watch highlights in slow motion. The folks behind encourage you to try other sites too, in case some developer with an acute sense of video-gaming history has inserted a surprise.

HINDU CONSPIRACY AGAINST GRANT OF CITIZENSHIP: 20 million dalits from Bangladesh threaten to embrace Islam


As a result of partition and “independence” of India, Pakistan is created and given to the Muslims as their homeland. Consequently, Hindus, who were original inhabitants of the territory demarcated and allotted to Pakistan, had to leave their ancestral home and take shelter in the new-born “independent” India. The process of migration of Hindus from West Pakistan to India was rapid at the very beginning and almost all the Hindus from W. Pakistan came to India before the constitution of India came into force. However, the “Hindus” of East Pakistan were reluctant at the initial stage of “independence” to leave their ancestral homeland and very few had come to India before the constitution was made. But they gradually changed their mind and started migrating to India believing their Hindu brethren in India. The migration of “Hindus” from East Pakistan continued for long in many phases. Both the “Hindus” and Muslims fought together to liberate East Bengal from the Punjabi-dominated Pakistan and finally with the aid of Indian troops East Bengal was liberated and Bangladesh came into existence. But  the problems of “Hindus” were not solved. Of those who migrated from East Bengal (now Bangladesh), 90% are Untouchables and that is why they have not yet been granted Indian citizenship. They are over 20 millions. They had to leave their homeland thinking they are “Hindu”. Had they embraced Islam, they could have lived peacefully in Bangladesh and as a governing class. Believing that they are Hindu they came to Hindustan and have become objects of Hindu tyranny. The Hindu rulers of India declared them as illegal migrants and not permitted to attain Indian citizenship. For the Bengali Untouchables it was a jump from frying pan into fire. I have said this in DV many times but Hindu the stone- heart does not melt.

The Hindu brothers of India are so hostile to our people that a Hindu organisation of Assam had challenged the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act 1983, in the Supreme Court. In 2003, the BJP Govt. brought a Bill to amend the Citizenship Act to deprive the Bengali migrants of East Bengal (now Bangladesh), who are Untouchables, the Indian citizenship. L.K. Advani initiated the Bill. Bengali Hindu leader Pranab Mukherjee supported it. This is how the Hindu leaders of India treated us as enemies.

The Supreme Court in its judgment on IMDT Act has poured petrol on the burning fire. The verdict on the is clearly anti-Dalit. The court has not deeply thought of the impact of its judgment on the mankind as a whole.

Over 20 millions of Bengali-speaking “Hindus” of Bengal origin have been made destitute, homeless gypsy. What offence these people have committed to mankind has never been explained by any of the authorities for which such a drastic action against them has been directed to be taken. The court makes over 20 million persons destitute for the sake of Hindu religion. Hindu religion has turned 20 million people to be destitutes and foreigners in India. If the govt. implements amended Citizenship Act and Supreme Court’s direction to detect illegal migrants, these people of Bengal origin, who lost their land for the sake of political gains to a micro-minority of Hindu and Muslim communities, will lose their very natural rights as human beings. Hence if a community or class of people, who have already lost their ancestral homeland due to religious clash and partition of country as political solution are not granted citizenship of the country they took shelter in, to save their lives and religion, they will become outcast of the civilized humanity. They may turn to anarchy as a result of the thoughtless, arrogant and despotic enactment of parliament and merciless judgment of the Supreme Court. If the govt. sticks to the policy of depriving these millions of people, majority of whom are Dalits, from citizenship of India, they may revolt against it and endanger to Hindu religion itself. They will hold Hindu religion and Hindu rulers responsible for their distress. They may even renounce Hinduism and embrace Islam to gain support to establish their right.


When Russia created a base in Cuba, by establishing nuclear missiles over there, an intense reaction was seen in America in 1962 A.D.  There was a time when both countries got ready to wage a war.  On the one hand Russia’s army, navy etc. headed for Cuba and at the other end, America was getting ready for a war with the help of destructive weapons, atomic bombs etc.  What remained was that the switch of war had to be pressed for the war to commence.

At that time French leaders asked the famous French prophesizer Jules Berne – “Who will win this war?”  Berne replied – “No one because Russia will pull out and thus no war will ensue.”

As usual no one believed Berne at that time but when later a radio station announced that – “Russia has pulled out and that there is no war,” everyone was amazed.  Thus they agreed and praised Bernes’ prophecy.

Dr. Jules Berne was a famous writer.  Despite this he gained fame mainly as a prophesizer.  He was given international recognition along with other stalwarts like Dixon, Anderson, Cheiro etc.  Some of his prophecies were so correct that it seemed as though he himself had designed those events that came true!  Ten years in advance, Jules Berne predicted that a space craft manned by a human being will land on Moon in 1969 A.D.  Today we know that his prophecy was cent percent true.  He further said that Japan will take over Manchuria and Italy will take over Albania and Ethiopia.  No one believed Bernes.  When between 1939 to 1942 A.D. all the above events did occur, people were forced to believe him.  Once Hitler’s army had taken over Denmark, Belgium and Luxemburg, so people asked Bernes – “Will Hitler defeat France too?”  Jules Bernes replied – “On June 20, 1940 A.D., France will accept defeat.”  Well Bernes’ Prophecy did come true albeit 2 days later i.e. on June 22, 1940.

“China will make an atom bomb.  Fiery turbulence will manifest in the Middle East and a greater portion of Arab countries will be taken over by Israel.”  This prophecy of Bernes too came true.  These prophecies resulted in major leaders of France and Europe not taking any risky decisions until they got astrological guidance from famous astrologers.  Lord Mountbatten had accepted that an invisible cosmic power is intelligently working in the cosmos.  Man does not understand the plans of this power.  Only rare men with subtle intuition can understand God’s design.  There are cosmic events that destroy man’s arrogance and guide him to walk towards truth.

There is a very interesting chain of Jules Bernes’ prophecies.  Many of them came true and many were about to be proved correct.  For e.g. Jules Bernes said – “Within the year 1990 A.D., the smoke emanating from factories and urban areas of the entire world will be so intense, that 80% air pollution will be recorded.  Man’s body will be tied to an oxygen machine which will weigh a little less than human weight.  It is not as though world humanity will die due to air pollution, yet its state will be akin to a half-mad person.  Diseases will be on the rise, enterprise will decline, wrath and hatred will be directed at technological culture and races of Europe etc. will turn towards spiritual nations like India for true guidance.  People will dress, eat and live like Indians.  The white race (Western countries) will be so enchanted by Indian spirituality and culture that by 2000 A.D., major countries of the world will see temples of Hindu Gods and Goddesses being built in their lands.  World humanity will visit these temples and experience the joy of worship and singing prayers to God, based on Indian culture.  I can see photographs of Indian Gods etc. in the homes of Europeans.”

”Even if China makes an atomic bomb, it will not become the leading nation of Asia.  For a long time it will harbour enmity towards India.  India will regain a portion of its land form China.  Tibet too will become free and it is possible that it will merge with India.  A portion of Pakistan will be taken over by Afghanistan and a little bit will be taken by India. ”

“After man lands on moon, he will search other planets too.  By 1985 A.D. all information related to the solar system, including Pluto, will be collected.  Space crafts carrying human beings will reach either Venus or Mars or both and return safely to earth.  Man will master gravity and energy more powerful than nuclear energy will be discovered.  Certain materials, books, gold coins etc. will be unearthed from a most ancient mountain of Earth (maybe Himalayas of India) which will change the history of Pre-Christ Era.  Not only this, but that this snow clad mountain area will become so powerful that even if Russia, America, Britain etc. unite and confront this mountainous region, they will fail miserably.   From a particular area of this region will manifest a mysterious individual.  He will become the most powerful person in the annals of eternal world history.  All his injunctions will be followed by world humanity.  Within the year 2050 A.D. these injunctions will help unite all nations of the world under one flag i.e. a single universal nation will come into being.”

“Between the years 1970 to 1980 A.D. great natural calamities will occur like floods, plane crashes, earthquakes, famines etc.  A major portion of Turkey will be destroyed due to earthquakes.  There will be in fighting amongst Arabs and thus Israel will benefit.  Sea storms will be on the rise and an ocean devastation could occur.  Sea shore areas and islands will be destroyed.  Some new islands may emerge along with a powerful race.  Vaults of jewels will be found on these islands which will augment the finance of that race.”

“Uptil 2000 A.D. the world population will be about 640 crores.  A major portion of it will reside in America, Asia.  Definitely nuclear warfare will not take place yet communal violence may take over.  On the one hand there will be agitations and on the other hand, a new spiritual revolution will arise which will unfold new mysteries of God and the soul.  Science will prove these mysteries to be true.  Thus atheism and the Vaam path will be destroyed.  It will be replaced by faith, justice, ethics, discipline and a sense of dutifulness.  These changes will become the foundation stones of World Peace.

When Jules Berne was asked as to where this transformation will originate and that who will direct it, he replied – “ I have a premonition that this spiritual revolution will originate in India and regarding who will direct it, I differ with Jean Dixon.  This person has already taken birth i.e. before 1962 A.D.  Presently he is involved in a major task in India.  He may even participate in the freedom movement in India and his followers are many.  His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world.  With the help of their soul force they will easily succeed in executing tasks that were otherwise impossible to execute.

Bernes’ above philosophy was published on 4th April in Nav Bharat Times newspaper.  He proclaims that the desire to know the future is proof of the immortal nature of the soul.  It is a fact because the body never ever thinks that it is immortal.  The body is perishable but the soul is immortal.  Hence our desire to know the future is manifold compared to our desire to know the past. If man conjoins his intelligence, understanding and effort to these prophecies, he can change not only his own future, but that of the entire world so as to manifest radiance.  When these tasks are not executed by ordinary human beings, great souls along with their aides appear on earth and create a world as per God’s wish.  Jules Bernes believes that history is about to repeat itself and hence none can obstruct Era Transformation.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya

डढेलो (नेपालमा व्याप्त पहाडी -मधेसी साम्प्रदयिकतामा आधारित् )

डा. सुरेन्द्र लाभ


टल्पलाइरहेका आँसुलाई उसले धेरैबेरदेखि आँखाको पलकका बीचमा रोकेको थियो। तर आँसु भित्र पस्न सकेन र दुवै गालामा र्झ्न थाल्यो। एकपटक बाँध फुटेपछि निकै बेरसम्म भल बगिरह्यो। बन्द कोठाको छ्यानमा एक्लै बसेर उसले टुलुटुलु हेरिरह्यो। आधा रात बितिसक्यो। आज बिहान उठ्नेबित्तिकै कसको मुख देखियो र यस्तो भयो? किन आज एकैदिनमा संसार फेरियो? किन चिनेकाहरू नचिनिने भए? कसरी आफ्नै देशको राजधानी उन्मत्त भयो? किन यस नगरमा ३५ वर्षसम्म गरेको तपस्या भत्कियो? नगरको माटो र पानीमा आफूलाई मिलाउन गरेको त्यत्रो प्रयास एकै निमेषमा लुप्त भयो? सोच्ता-सोच्तै ऊ छट्पटाइरह्यो।

बिहान ऊ उठ्दा एकदम ठीक-ठाक थियो। शहरमा कहाँ के हुँदैछ उसले केही बुझ्ेको थिएन, सधैं किताबकै संसारमा हराइरहन्थ्यो। कलम घोट्ता-घोट्तै सम्पूर्ण जीवन समर्पित गरेको उसले २५ वटा पुस्तक लेिखसकेको थियो। कथा, कविता, लेख छापिइरहन्थे। ऊ एक उच्च विद्वान्का रूपमा प्रख्यात छ।

कुनै नयाँ पुस्तकको खबर पाएर किन्न बिहानै हिँडेको थियो। चुपचाप आफैँमा मग्न भएर अगाडि बढ्दैथियो। पछाडिबाट आएको नारा जुलुसको स्वर कानमा पर्‍योः
हृतीक रोशन – मुर्दावाद!
काले धोती – देश छोड!
यस ठाउँमा सधैं यस्तै भइरहन्छ, भन्ने सोच्तै ऊ खुरुखुरु अगाडि बढ्यो। थाहा छैन, को हो यो हृतीक रोशन? मान्छेहरू किन मुर्दावादको नारा घन्काउँदै छन्? केही बुझन सकेन, तर काले धोतीबाट केही सङ्केत पायो। यस ठाउँमा त यी शब्द मधेशी समुदाय र नागरिकको पर्याय बनेका छन्। जुलुस नजिकै आइपुग्यो र जुलुसबाट कसैले चिच्यायो― “पक्री! पक्री!! यही हो काले धोती!” यो सुनेर ऊ अलिक आत्तियो र आफ्नो शरीरतिर नजर दौडायो। उसले धोती लगाएको छैन र ऊ कालो पनि छैन। अलिक आश्वस्त भयो― होइन अरूलाई भनिएको होला। ऊ फेरि अगाडि बढ्यो।

यत्तिकैमा भीडले उसलाई घेराबन्दी गर्‍यो। चारैतिर उत्तेजित भीड देखेर जाडोमा पनि उसको निधारमा पसिना आयो। भीड चिच्याउँदैछ― “नछोड! नछोड!! साले इण्डियनलाई नछोड।” उसको गला अवरुद्ध भयो। आँखा अगाडि अन्धकार छायो। बल्लबल्ल उसको बोली आयो― “म इण्डियन होइन, नेपाली हुँ। म काठमाडौं निवासी हुँ। बानेश्वरमा मेरो घर छ…”, उसको आर्तनाद कसैले सुन्यो या सुनेन, भीडबाट निस्किएका अनेक अप-शब्द ऊ सुन्दैथियो। ऊ विस्तारै बेहोस हुन थाल्यो। बेहोस भइराखेका बेलामा भीडका पछाडि उभिएको एउटा युवकमा उसका नजर पुगे। अरू कोही नभई उसकै छोरो थियो। ऊ अचेत भयो।

होश खुल्नेबित्तिकै उसले चारैतिर पुुलिस देख्यो। तिनीहरू उसलाई हात समातेर उठाउँदैथिए। पूरा जीउ दुखिरहेको थियो, प्यारो छोराको सम्झ्ना भयो। ऊ भीडमा के गर्दैछ? ऊ जुलुसमा नारा लगाउँदैछ। अघि बढ्दैछ। घृणा फैलाउँदैछ। बेहोसीमा पनि यी सबै कुरा मनमा आउँदा ऊ दुःखी भयो। मेरो छोरो उत्तेजनाको कुन चुलीमा थियो। जसले काले धोती मा आफ्नो बाबुलाई चिन्न सकेन, उसको संस्कार र शिक्षा? “जातपात केही हुँदैन बाबु! सारा संसारका मान्छे एकै हुन्। हामी सबैको जात मानव र धर्म मानवता हो”, साँझ्-बिहान यही रटाउँदा-रटाउँदै छोरो यत्रो भयो। तर यो शिक्षाको एउटा पनि शब्दको प्रभाव किन परेन? शहरमा सभ्य व्यक्तिका रूपमा सम्मानित मान्छेको छोरो किन यसरी संस्कारहीन भयो? बाबु मधेशी र छोरो पहाडी कसरी भयो? केही बुझन सकिएन!

खुट्टा खोच्याउँदै ऊ घरतिर हिँड्यो। बाटामा उसलाई स्मरण भयो― सानै छँदा स्कूलबाट फर्किने बित्तिकै छोराले सोधेको थियो, डेडी! मधेशीहरू चोर हुन् कि होइनन्, हाम्रो स्कूलमा सबै त्यसै भन्छन्। ऊ त्यतिखेर अकमक्क परेको थियो, कुनै जवाफ फुरेन! तुरुन्तै गालामा एक चड्कन किन दिइनँ भन्ने आज अनुभव हुँदैछउसलाई। घर पुगेपछि श्रीमतीले बेलिविस्तार सुनिन् र अवस्था समेत देखिन्। सहानुभूतिको सट्टा उनी, रिसले मुर्मुरिइन्। दुई जनाबीच घमासान भनाभन भयो।
“किन घरबाट निस्कनुभो? तपाईंले शहरको स्थिति बुझनुभएको छैन?”
“मैले कहाँ केही बुझ्ेको छु र?”

“दिनभरि पुस्तकमा टाउको जोतेपछि कसरी देशविदेशको खबर बुझ्िन्छ त!”
“तर यो सम्पूर्ण घटनामा मेरो के दोष?”
“मधेशी हुनु तपाईंको दोष हो, राम्रो लुगा लगाउनु नत्र मान्छेले चिन्छन् भनेर कति पटक भनेँ!”
“चिन्छन् भन्नुको कारण के हो? के म तिम्रो छोरो जस्तै बोरावाला जिन्स पैन्ट, रातो, पहेँलो भेस्ट, कानमा कुण्डल, घोडाको जस्तो केश र हात्तीका खुट्टा जस्ता ठूला जुत्ता लगाएर आबारा बनँू? अनि किन अहिलेसम्म फर्किएन त तिम्रो लाठसाहेब! मलाई त जे भो-भो, तर उसको चिन्ता छ।”
“तपाईं छोडिदिनुहोस् उसको चिन्ता गर्न।” भीडले तपाईंलाई घेरेका बेलामा ऊ कसरी चिच्यास् साथी हो! उहाँ मेरो बुबा हुनुहुन्छ भनेर। त्यतिखेर भीड उसमाथि खनिँदैनथ्यो। भीडले ऊपनि मधेशी हो भनेर चिनिहाल्थ्यो नि!”
“मधेशीलाई मधेशी भनेर चिने के आपत्ति?”
“तपाईं जस्तै चुटाइ खान्थ्यो अरू के! अनि अर्को कुरा, ऊ तपाईंको मात्र छोरो हुन्थ्यो भने मधेशी हुन्थ्यो, तर मेरो समेत छोरो भएकाले पहाडी पनि हो।”

अन्तिम संवाद भालाझ्ैँ कलेजोमा गाडियो, अचानक कसैले तल खसाइदिए जस्तै भयो। अतीतका धेरै कुरा मस्तिष्कमा घुम्न थाले। छरिएका कागजका पन्ना समेटेझ्ैं आफैँलाई सम्हालेर जवाफ दियो― “हेर! म मधेशी हुँ यो साँचो हो। तिमी पहाडी हौ यो पनि साँचै हो। जतिखेर मसँग बिहे गर्‍यौ त्यतिखेर यस सत्यलाई बुझ्ेकी थियौ कि थिइनौ?”
“बुझ्ेकी थिएँ।”

“त्यसो भए थाहा होला हामीले सिनेमाको प्रभाव र अन्य आकर्षणका कारणले बिहे गरेका होइनौँ। हामीले एउटा आदर्श र एउटा सिद्धान्तका अधीनमा रहने प्रतिज्ञा गरेर बिहे गरेका थियौँ।”
“थाहा छैन कुन सिद्धान्त र आदर्शको कुरा गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ।”

“जबसम्म यस देशमा पहाडी र मधेशी समुदायबीच वैवाहिक सम्बन्ध स्थापित हुँदैन तबसम्म यो समस्या समाधान हुन सक्तैन भन्ने सिद्धान्त थियो।”

“त्यो सिद्धान्तप्रति म आज पनि प्रतिबद्ध छु, तर सिद्धान्तवादीको कस्तो हालत हुन्छ त्यो तपाईंले नै सुनाउनुभयो। त्यसैले आफैंले आफूलाई केही दिन घरमै कैद गरेर राख्नु सम्पूर्ण परिवारका लागि हितकर हुन्छ।”

“ए! म घरमा कैदी बन्नु, किनभने म मधेशी हुँ, काले हुँ, धोती हुँ। तिमी र तिम्रो पुत्र साँढेजस्तै घुम्छौ, किनभने तिमीहरू पहाडे हौ, सेता छौ, यस देशका सच्चा नागरिक हौ।”

श्रीमती खुट्टा बजार्दै घरबाट बाहिरिइन्। उसको मुखबाट निस्क्यो― तर यो हृतीक रोशन को हो? उताबाट कुनै जवाफ आएन। श्रीमती अर्को कोठामा सुतिरहेकी छन्। छोरो फर्केको छैन। उत्तेजनापूर्ण आकृतिहरू हिँडेर नजिकै आउँदै छन्। अपमानका शब्दहरूले अहिलेसम्म पीडा दिंदैछन्। बेचैनीको चरम सीमामा छट्पटाउँदै आधा रात बितिसक्यो। यसरी नै दिनका एउटा एउटा घटना भइरहे। किन कतैबाट कुनै जिज्ञासा पूरा हुँदैन। दिनभरि टिनटिनाउने टेलिफोन आज किन मौन छ?

मनमनै निधो गर्‍यो। बिहान झ्िसमिसेमै जनकपुर जान्छु। यही सुखद् निर्णयसँगै छटपटी केही कम भयो उज्यालो भयो। ऊ जनकपुरतिर हिँड्यो। शान्त, निश्चिन्त, योजनाविहीन भएर साँझ् नपर्दै जनकपुरनजिक आइपुग्यो। बस ढल्केबर पुगेपछि मुटु स्नेहपूर्ण भयो। चोक, पार्क, मान्छेहरू सबै हितैषी लागे। बस महेन्द्रनगर आयो। होटल, दोकान सबै चिनेझ्ैँ लाग्यो। बस गुडिरह्यो। रमदैयाको चौकी आइपुग्यो। सपही आयो। लछमनियाँ बजार आयो। मुजेलिया आयो। र, जनकपुरको पिडारी चोक आयो। आफ्नो ठाउँ र आफन्तबीच बसबाट उत्रिने बित्तिकै पूरा शरीर नवउमङ्गले भरियो। एक मनमा अँजुलीभरि धूलो उठाएर चन्दन जस्तै निधारमा लगाउने विचार पलायो। तर मानिसहरूले बहुलाहा भन्लान् भनेर धर्र्तीतिर झ्ुक्न सकेन।
ईश्वर, पूजापाठ आदिमा कहिल्यै त्यति विश्वास थिएन। तापनि आज सर्वप्रथम जानकी मन्दिर पुग्यो। टाढैबाट मन्दिर अनुपम सुन्दर लाग्यो। भव्य मन्दिरको सम्पूर्ण लम्बाइ, चौडाइ र उचाइलाई आँखामा डुबाएर भित्र प्रवेश गर्न आँट्तै थियो, फेरि कुनै नाराको आवाज कानमा पर्‍यो। मुटु ढुक्ढुक् गर्न थाल्यो, फर्किएर हेर्दा त साँच्चै एउटा झ्ुण्ड नारा लगाउँदै यतै आउँदैछः
हृतीक रोशन – जिन्दावाद!
टोपी नाकबुच्चे – तराई छोड!
उभियो। सोचमग्न भयो― यो हृतीक रोशन को हो? कतै मुर्दावाद र कतै जिन्दावाद! अचम्म लाग्दो कुरा छ। किताब लेख्तालेख्तै जिन्दगी सुकिसक्यो। मेरो सामान्य ज्ञान पनि कस्तो। जसका कारणले सम्पूर्ण देशमा डढेलो लागेको छ र त्यसको सिकार आफैँ भएँ। आखिर त्यो हस्ती को हो? झ्ुण्डको नजिक आएर एउटा युवकसँग सोध्यो― “बाबु! यो हृतीक रोशन को हो?”

युवक चिच्याएर उफ्रियो― “यही हो पहाडे, यही हो।”
सबै आक्रोशित भएर कुट्नका लागि कुदे। उसले ठूलो स्वरमा चिच्यायो― “म पहाडे होइन बाबु! म यसै ठाउँको हुँ। देवी चोकमा मेरो घर छ।”

युवक― “यो भर्खर हृतीक रोशनलाई किन जिन्दावाद भन्दैछौ भन्दैथियो।”
अर्को युवक― “हो अनि हेर त, यसका कपडा पहाडेको जस्तै छ नि!”
तेस्रो― “नाककान थेप्चो छ, अनि यो कति गोरो छ।”
चौथो― “जुन पहाडे मैथिली बोल्छ, त्यो सबैभन्दा बढी खतरनाक हुन्छ।”

अनि त्यसपछि कसका कति मुक्का, लात्ती र जुत्ता उसका शरीरमा बजि्रए, ठेगान छैन। बेहोस भयो। एकैपटक अस्पतालमा होश खुल्यो। टाउकामा पट्टी, हातमा पट्टी, खुट्टामा पट्टी! शरीरमा जुन चोट छ, त्योभन्दा गहिरो चोट हृदयमा। ऊ माछाजस्तै छट्पटाउँदैछ। केहीबेर घोरिएपछि अलिकति मुस्कुरायो। समस्या अवगत भयो। सोच्न थाल्यो― यसैमा एउटा जीवन्त कथा हुनसक्छ। अहँ, यो कथावस्तु उपन्यासका लागि उपयुक्त हुन्छ। फेरि सोच्न थाल्यो― यो राष्ट्रिय समस्या हो। सबैलाई पढाउनु आवश्यक छ। तर यो हृतीक रोशन को हो? सोच्तै फेरि आँखा बन्द भए।

केही बेरपछि आँखा खुल्दा कुनै पत्रकार सोध्दैथियो “हजुर! यहाँ एक प्रसिद्ध लेखक हुनुहुन्छ, तर हिजो काठमाडौँमा यहाँलाई पहाडेहरूले चुटे, आज जनकपुरमा मधेशीहरूले। हजुर केही भन्न चाहनुहुन्छ?”

“हिजो काठमाडौंमा चुटाइ खाने प्राणी मानव थियो अनि कुट्ने बहुलट्ठी र आज जनकपुरमा जसलाई कुटियो ऊ मानव हो र कुट्नेहरू बहुलट्ठी!” यति भन्दै ऊ यसै विषयमा नव सिर्जनाको तानाबाना बनाउन फेरि आँखा चिम्म गर्छ।

मैथिलीबाट अनुवादः लक्ष्मीप्रसाद रिजाल